The Story of Lola, the book of MECE-Master students

23 April 2018

Within the first year of the new program “Management & Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy”, in short MECE, the students have the unique chance of designing and publishing their own book.  A “Carte Blanche” was given from the professors to which “The Story of Lola” is a response. This exciting œuvre by the first MECE students of Audencia takes us through a multi-perspective journey within a creative’s mind where the line between reality and fantasy may be a blurry one. A blur, however, that is often the source of unexpected inspiration and creation.

The book includes 13 individual chapters which represent the work of 13 students from 6 different nationalities. Next to writings in the form of short stories the students used movie scripts, comic strips, a poem or drawings to visualize their thoughts about how Lola’s journey will be.

The purpose of writing and publishing this book together was to explore the potential of collaboration within the international creative community. Guided by Catherine Morel, course director, and Patrice Joly, contemporary art curator and magazine editor, the students are learning on how to write, publish and distribute a book.

As an ode to the city of Nantes that brought them together, the 13 member international MECE group will be presenting their fictional adventure on the 23rd of April at the Creative Factory starting from 6pm.

This event, where food and drinks will be served, will be used for the launch of the book crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to raise 1500€ to print 300 copies of the first edition of The story of Lola as well as pay additional services such as graphic design etc. Prototype copies of the book to look through will be on display at the event.

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